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Are you a high school student who wants more than a restaurant job?

Are you interested in business, in commerce, in marketing and communication?

Would you like to enhance your Confidence, your experience, your College Resume, And your pocketbook. 

Are you fun, energized, intrepid, self-motivated and teachable?


As a High School Student who's been raised on technology, the research* says you're likely to be:

  • 25% faster at making correct decisions than the older generation.
  • Able to think and move 4x faster than that same generation.
  • More creative based on Torrence Creativity tests.
  • Able to discern and ignore irrelevant information.
  • 37% more accurate when moving things with your hands.

*Wall Street Journal, March 6 2012: When Gaming is Good for You.

We figured that it's time somebody gave you a chance to be recognized for your talents and abilities. 

Presenting Ideas

That make things work better.

Hitting Targets

That were once only dreams.

Accomplishing Things

That once seemed impossible.

Modern Marketing Delivered

The companies you'll be serving won't really have a clue about the things you'll be showing them. They wouldn't typically ask a high school student the questions you'll be answering. Without Informargin, it would be their loss. 



Lots of tools, working in combination with other tools to create and deliver transformational marketing packages to companies that aren't up to speed with modern marketing and communication.

Here's quick look at the opportunity.



This is what you should have.

  • A reasonably new laptop to do your work. (Everything takes place in the cloud, so you will not require disk storage space.)
  • IT basics: Word, excel, ppt, and apple equivalents helpful. html useful.
  • WordPress programming useful.
  • Networking skills beneficial.
  • Sales skills beneficial.


This is what you'll earn

  • You would be a Student Intern for Informargin Digital.
  • Training and development will be provided.
  • Secure Access to apps and software will be provided.
  • Base pay: $10 per hour for a 10-hour minimum week.
  • Residual team bonus plans for everything we sell.

Bonus Bonus

You want to be paid for value

  • The team will be eligible for performance bonuses which could exceed $100 for each single client.
  • These bonuses will be paid as an ongoing residual to qualifying team members for the period of time a client is active with our service.
  • This could be a significant contribution to offset college expenses, if the internship continues.

You'll be making valuable contributions in these important marketing areas.


Social Media

Better than what they do now.

  • AI Chat Bot creation and Implementation
  • Creation of regularly changing custom video headers to improve SEO
  • Creation and posting of Video based articles to guarantee attention for FB or Twitter
  • Creation of Custom Audiences to laser focus campaigns


Direct Selling Platforms

  • State of the Art Block Chain Sales Calls and Communication Platforms
  • Live or semi live interactive video conferencing with prospects, or clients.
  • Evergreen webinars designed to inform and qualify prospects when they are most interested to learn about you, without your direct and immediate involvement.
  • Integrated with SMS Bots, Website platforms or other parts of the platform.


For Non-Digital Activities

  • Offers and CTA added to all business-related communication.
  • Custom and boutique phone numbers with fully enabled PBX programming to direct calls to the exact message or person involved.
  • Direct to customer/prospect Voice Mails with timely and valuable messaging.
  • Creation of an actionable and valuable list of prospects that respond to the communications.
  • Triggers to provide prospects exactly what they are looking for when they connect. (Instant phone connection, scheduling of appointment, additional information, etc.)
  • Opportunity to communicate customized messages instantly to individuals, segments, or an entire list.

You'll be creating and developing digital communications of all kinds.



Domain Managment Hosting

  • Design, creation and implementation of Interactive Web Funnels and landing pages.
  • Near instant creation of sub-domain pages for each offer. (individual page for each listing or each car)
  • Utilize video, Hot spots, AI Chat Bot, Email, SMS Bots to create interactive and actionable involvement with prospects and clients.
  • Easy to create, launch and test offers within the same system.

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Mobile Apps

Complete Communication Hubs

  • Create apps to be sold on the Apple and Android Stores
  • Produce opportunities for all kinds of client and fan connections.
  • Coupons, Loyalty Cards, Referral Programs, Push Messages for communicating t specials, offers, discounts and more.
  • These are the kinds of apps that giant companies have that creates huge customer loyalty.
  • Realtors, restaurants, dentists, doctors, lawyers, churches, clubs, schools, and more... All will find huge value in the apps we build.

Video Clips

Design, Create, Produce, Sell

  • Create 30-90 second powerful, fully engaging, and compelling videos for use in all kinds of communication.
  • Customize messages for individual presentation to special clients or prospects.
  • Complete DFY Client services, or creating opportunity to provide templates and editing software to clients. With training, your client can do as much or as little as they desire.

You've never seen this kind of opportunity before . . . anywhere. 

Apply for your seat at the table today.

Spaces are limited for 2018-2019 Internships. Don't miss your opportunity to learn while making a real difference.